The Cuthwulf V2 – All-in-One Smart Watch With Bluetooth Earbuds



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✔️ High-quality built-in wireless earbuds

✔️ Dial and make phone calls right on the watch

✔️ Customizable watch faces, use pictures in your phone to replace dial faces

✔️ The watch also has a speaker and microphone itself

✔️ Phone notifications | Voice control

✔️ Health monitoring (sleep, mileage, distance, calories burned, heart rate, SPO2, thermometer, blood pressure,…)

✔️ Sports mode (running, walking, yoga, climbing, football, basketball, badminton, table tennis,…..)

All-in-one Smartwatch

You’re getting a total package of a smart watch, a loudspeaker, a couple of high quality earbuds, and a health tracker. It’s compatible with every IOS & Android devices.


How the Cuthwulf deal with water?

Yes! No problem at all

Make & Answer Phone Calls

Simply use your voice to make calls, play music, connect with your Alexa or Siri. Totally hands-free

24/7 Health Tracking

Keep you updated with all your health data. Drink water reminder, 24h heart rate tracking, 24h body temp tracking, health warning. The Cuthwulf V2 app can also sync with your Apple Health or Samsung Health.

Take Good Care Of Your Health

Your smartwatch can measure sleep time, mileage, distance, calories burn, heart rate, thermometer,…

Variety Of Sports Mode

Obtain real-time dynamic data (running, jogging, yoga, climbing, football,…)

Try Taking A Shower With Cuthwulf V2

Easily Transfer Data & Music


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